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Some of you may remember that I *was* building 2-8-2T Mikado modeled after Sugar Pine #4... I've been looking at a bunch of photos of Sugar Pine #5 "The Mighty Minaret" a 2-10-2T and talking to a couple of Live Steam buddies about freelancing it... After angisting about it for several weeks one of my pals brought me some flat iron and said "here hack out some new tail pieces" so I did... They came out well enough that I got up the courage to chop and splice the frame and now I'm building a Minie :-)... all has gone pretty much as planned and this *should* be a pretty straigt forward freelance... AFAICT the #5 driver is just a clone of the #4 eq yoke and all... stand by...

Also as a plug.. I've put together a yahoo group for people interested in the Mike or the Minie...

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It's got a bout 10 members several of which are actaully building engines so..

--.- Dave

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