FS UK - Blacksmithing bellows for sale - Huge !

Jarkman and I went to collect an eBay-ed anvil last night
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anvil was a mere 100kg, the monstrous (and probably useless) swage
block was 220kg !
The anvil's seller also has this _gorgeous_ set of bellows for sale:
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(They'll take £30 for it).
The "drum" is about 2' 6" in diameter and quite a spectacular bit of
kit in action. Working the lever back and forth works a double-acting
bellows at the bottom and there's a "great bellows" chamber on top to
keep the draught constant between pumps.
I just have nowhere to put this thing, or else I'd have snapped it up.
But if you have any slight fondness for ancient old machinery, and
space for it, then it's worth a look.
It's in Taunton, SW England.
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