geometric die head chasers

I purchased a small 5/16 geometric die head recently because I had to
make a fairly large quantity of screws for a clock project I'm
finishing. It really worked well and I'm very pleased with the results.
I have a question about the chasers that fit into the head. I purchased
a few sets on ebay and noticed that they have different letter markings
preceding the placement number on the chaser. These prefixes have the
letters A1, J1, L1, W1, Y1 and U1. They precede the numbers 1,2,3,4 on
the chaser sets. I'm also not sure how the chamfer and face grind affect
their use. Can anyone help me with this?
Bill S
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Bill S
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I've never heard of the A1...U1 designations for chasers, which means nothing at all as I'm just a hobbyist. I do have a couple of old Gemtric catalogs with some info on the chamfers and face grinds and I could send you the relevant portions of that. Email me if you'd like that. Mostly I just use whatever chaser match the thread form needed, though the choice should depend on material.
You might also try emailing Quality Chaser and see if they can decipher the prefixes for you.
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Mike Henry
I believe that the letters are sort of like the numbers on a golf ball. They are random letters assigned to a set of chasers so that you won't get two sets of chasers mixed up. Of course the numbers must be put into the corresponding slot of the die head.
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