Gorton P2-3 pantograph on Ebay-Alberta

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This FINE machine (I saw it at Reliable Tool ...drool) will do regular pantograph engraving....and it will also act as a tracer..put a 3D object on the table and you can simply trace it in a larger, same size or smaller duplicate. It will cut relief images, knife handles, trace your computer keyboard , virtually anything you can put on the table you can duplicate exactly.

Gunner wishing Alberta was a LOT closer or I knew a trucker coming from that way.

"You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass." --Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

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That does look like a beauty.

Useful when prints are not around and the broken item is bondo'd back to life to be copied.

If I only had the big bucks for a nice shop floor.


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