Wanted - Deckel Gk-12 pantograph parts & user rmanual

I just picked up used Deckel Gk12 pantograph mill but need an
instruction manual to help me with a new set up on it. Anyone that has
one, I'll gladly pay for copying costs, shipping, plus some extra for
your time if you'd share the information with me.
I've searched the internet high and low, but so for no luck.
Johnny Stout
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Johnny Stout
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Hey Johnny,
Have a look at the full company name, Friedrich Deckel Ag, at:
and also look at , but that brings them up as a subsidiary, which they may well be today.
I'd bet they have both a web page and a US distributor if you look long and hard enough. Great machines, but do take some skill to operate to full advantage. Get a cutter grinder too.
Take care.
Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx
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Brian Lawson
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Hans van Dongen
Yep. wthout a cutter grinder, the cost of cutters will be quite high for any pantograph mill unless you only do real coarse stuff. Single tooth cutters (D bits) are the way to go with those machines. Been there and done that.
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