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I got a hammock. From eye to eye is 11'. My patio supports are about 8'
wide, plus or minus. I could use an outside 4x6 support leg, and then
attatch the other end to a double stud, but am not sure if the double stud
would hold it, or if it would cause the stucco to flex off. I have looked
and looked, and there just doesn't seem to be any place to put it where it
wouldn't be in the way.
I have 2x8 rafters 24" oc, and 14 feet long. Can a hammock be hung from
rafters, or would that make it fold up too much in the middle, hence folding
the napping person in half? Could I use steel tubes coming down vertically
from the rafters, and then use chains at an angle from the lowest point back
up to the rafter?
Some ideas, please.
I'll probably just make a tube steel base for it, but that's just another
thing to do and another thing to move around.
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Sure, a vertical tubing or chain at the ends, and an angled chain to hold it out straight. Cal it a $-Link Suspension. As to whether your structure is strong enough, that depends a lot on the heft of the occupant.
- - Rex Burkheimer Fort Worth TX
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Rex B
Hey Steve,
If it was me, I'd put a 4 X 4 across the a couple of rafters at two places, the distance between the eyes of the hammock stretched out. Drop a chains/cables/ropes/whatevers down from these, and place a spreader bar between them at a height above the hammock eyes high enough so you don't bang your head on it, and voila!!
Take care.
Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario.
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Brian Lawson
Build or buy a tube frame. They aren't very expensive and then you also get the option of moving it to follow the sun on spring days and shade on summer days. Nothing worse than having a fixed place where the sun hits you right in the eyes. The nice thing about the purchased tube frames is they come apart for storage during the winter.
A commercial tube frame is REALLY long though. Figure it needs 10 feet of space to fit a 7 to 8' hammock.
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