Hardinege Speey closer?

With my latest lathe buy, I got a Hardinge 5C collet speed closer. This
has rubber-coted wheel concentric with the spindle. I can't figure out
how it works. Does anything else go with it, or do I just need that
and a collet?
Rex B
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I gather it's a Hardinge-Sjogren. If so, or one identical, you have everything you need (with the addition of any 5C collet, that is), assuming it will mount to your spindle. Turning the rubber wheel clockwise as you face it tightens the collet, and reversing the procedure releases it. They're not quite as convenient as a lever operated closer, but much easier to install and remove, leaving nothing in the way when not in service. There's no reason you shouldn't expect perfect performance from it, assuming it's in good condition. I bought mine new back in '67 and it's still going strong, including having been used commercially for 16 years.
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Harold and Susan Vordos
Cool, I'll go pick up a couple collets to check it.
Thanks, Harold.
- - Rex Burkheimer WM Automotive Fort Worth TX
Harold and Susan Vordos wrote:
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Rex B

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