Hardinge DSM-59 turret problem

I have a Hardinge DSM-59. I have a drill chuck mounted in one of the
positions and had a center drill in the chuck. When I went to center
drill the stock the center drill was not in the center of the stock.
My question is: Where is the adjustment to correct this? It appears
that the turret rotates and when it stops it is off by a little bit.
Is there an adjustment for the angle?
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"tbriggs" wrote in news:1140745784.023379.126150 @i39g2000cwa.googlegroups.com:
They sell adjustable centerline drill holders for the turret. Hardinge used to sell a test bar for set-up. IIRC, it was 1? diaameter with a flat milled to center on one end and either a 5/8? or 1/2? diameter on the other. You could ?float? the adjustable holder onto the end and lock it down. You used the other end that was milled to center for setting tool center height.
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D Murphy
Pull the turret, and check that the locking dog is engaging fully and that the dog positions are not beat to shit, or filled with mange. Pull the plate just behind the turret.(and lift the rear of the plat to get it out from under the turret (you may have to pull the turret.
Its pretty easy to do and only takes about 10 minutes. there is NO centering adjustment.
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