Hardinge HLV-H gear box bearing callouts?

I started reinstalling the bearings Id bought nearly 8 months ago or
more in the headstock gear/threading box..and discovered..Id bought 12
bearings of the wrong size. Sigh...close..but..not close enough.
I dont know if they gave me the wrong bearings...or I ordered the
wrong ones. Irregardless....I need the right ones.
Anyone have a listing of the bearings that go in the Hardinge HLV-H
(wide bed..80s vintage) gear box on the headstock? Ive got a small job
to do..that will be tough to do on the 14" lathe...and I need to
replace all the bearings so the damned thing doesnt rattle when the
threading section is running.
I checked the various lists on the Hardinge parts book..but it only
gives the Hardinge part number..not the actual gear number.
Anyone know of anyone that could tell me?
Ill be reordering a complete set of bearings from VXB (probably) and
picking them up when I go back down to Santa Ana..but I didnt want to
tear the bearings out and then not knowing where they all went. There
is about 12 bearings in that bear box with most of them being the
same..except for 3..as I recall
Some of 3 odd ones are packed inside of spacers..so I cant read the
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Gunner Asch
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