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I've been tipped off that the small model shop where I work has applied for budget to buy a new lathe. If they get approval then a Hardinge HLV-H is like to become surplus to requirements. It was bought new in 1972 and has only been used by about 6 turners since then. I've known them all as fine craftsmen. The current one does suffer from 'rusty hands' so some of the parts that get touch do have surface rust but under that it is likely to be in super condition and only had use build protoypes. Heavy work has always been done on a big Harrison, a Chippy or a new Colchester. The machine is in Romsey Hants, near the New Forest and would have to be removed by the new owner when the time comes.

I'd love to have the machine myself but I really don't have the room for it so if anyone here can give it a good home please let me know at bobdotminchinatntlworlddotcom and I'll keep them posted on the progress of purchasing the replacement. Please don't get too excited - it might not happen but fingers crossed! It won't happen until next financial year which for us is after 1st October.


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Bob Minchin
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No you don't want one of those, they are not that accurate for your needs. Have a look for a round bed Drummond.

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John Stevenson

I dunno, sounds pretty good to me, though a Drummond would still be capable of good work in the right hands.

On a brighter note, have just bagged a P series Pultra for the princely sum of 135 ukp. Had just spent Sunday afternoon fixing the shed roof and various other stuff around the garden, which I had been putting off for months. Stopped for a break and idly browsing around Ebay and there it was, at a buy it now price. Only just listed and just couldn't resist. Doesn't look like there are that many accessories and there is no motor, but minor detail. Loads of collets around and just the job for the really lightweight work.


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Perhaps there is some justice and reward for doing all the jobs you don't really want to do :-)...


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