Heat requirement for foundry?

Well, fellows, you all have smooth sailing for a while. The east coast
is holding up its' end of the conservation of bustedness equation. The
appliances in the household have gone union and decided to head south at
the same time. Which leads to the question. I will be scrapping a gas
dryer with a 20,000 BTU burner. Should I pull the burner assembly for
future modification for use in a foundry?
Kevin Gallimore
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I don't know what it looks like but I'd keep it just because stuff needs to be kept. There's all kinds of things that might be whipped up from it- jacuzzi heater?
Good to hear the Conservation of Bustness has moved from my place for a while but it's been replaced here by Advanced Applied Poison Ivy Studies.
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It'd have to be a pretty well-insulated foundry. The Reil burner puts out up to 200,000 BTU/hr.
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Don Foreman

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