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More comments posted today!
Jon Banquer
San Diego, CA
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Post a daily ascii version to usenet.
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Doesn't he already? Or is he reduced to just spamming the forum address over and over again now?
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[ Jon,
Thanks for the positive recommendation for HOOPS. I?m not personally acquainted with MasterCAM?s graphics performance or capabilities, but I of course know that it is a popular CAM system. We do help quite a number of CAD/CAM/CAE companies in the graphics area and we?d of course be glad to talk to CNC Software about improving MasterCAM as well. We?ll get in touch with them shortly to see what we can do to help.
Ron Fritz CEO Tech Soft 3D ]
Poor Tech Soft 3D, that death rattle heard is when Ron Fritz mentions Jon Banquer recommended he contact CNC Software, poor, poor Ron.....LOL.
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