Heidenhain VRZ735 2axis Dro Advice

Can anyone help me How do i test a Heidenhain VRZ735 2axis Dro Ive been given this with 2 scales to try first as the seller wasnt sure if it worked or even how it worked so id like some info from you guys please how do i test the main control unit is it a matter of simply plug into my

240v power supply, is there some sort of test mode and how would i do this. Once it runs how do i check the scales is it a matter of connecting up then power up the unit and move the scale or is there more to it. Appreciate any help guys as i dont want to do it wrong. Beek
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This appears to be more of a question, than advise.

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On both Mitutoyo and Anilam DRO's that I've set up, you could hook everything up without mounting it to the machine and move the reader heads back and forth and watch the displays show the scale movement.


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GeoLane at PTD dot NET

You have to be somewhat careful with this. Some scales have a secure sliding carriage for the read head, others have a very floppy arrangement where improper direction of force on the flexure can cause the read head to gouge the scale. These are usually shipped with some kind of clamp that keeps the head from moving until the scale is mounted on the machine.


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Jon Elson

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