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I bought a mixed-bag small auction, mainly for some C-clamps but got
some tools with it too.
Two of the tools are unusual and I don't recognize them. Here's a pic:
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Both are made out of sheet steel. The steel on the pliers is about 3/16"
thick and 1/8" thick for the other tool.
The pliers thing on the left in the picture is about 12 inches long. The
left jaw (in the pic) has a pin about 3/4" long and .21" dia that points
toward the right jaw. The right jaw is U-shaped with the U opening about
3/4" wide and centered around the pin. The pin tip doesn't quite reach
the plane of the U jaw when fully closed. For some reason, the two
outside corners of the jaw piece that holds the pin are folded in toward
the center.
The other tool on the right in the picture seems to maybe be some kind
of special wrench. Full length is about 7". The working end has a
squarish C-shaped cutout opening to the side. The opening of the C forms
two pins about 1/8" wide and deep. The C opening is about 7/16". One
side of the tool shows a slight circular wear mark about 1.5" in dia,
centered on the opening of the C cutout. (That mark makes me think it is
a wrench that fits into two slots in something to be rotated.)
So, that's my two wierd tools. If I never figure out what they were for,
I guess it won't matter. I got enough other stuff in the purchase to
make it an ok deal.
My first thought for the pliers was some kind of chain breaker, but that
doesn't seem likely as I think about it more. I don't know if these two
tools are related in any way. The smaller tool has a stamp on it that
says 'warning wear eye protection'. No markings on the pliers.
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I think the plier tool is for automotive exhaust hangers, go to:
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and search on YA3202. I've never used one, but remember seeing them on tool trucks, and in the Snap-On Catalog
Can't be sure about the other one, possibly it's for adjusting automotive tie rods. (can you put a better photo?)
Again go to the Snap-On site, then search on tie rod, then click on 'tie rod adjusting tools'.
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Thanks. That must be what it is. The pin side on this one has more happening than the one I now find with your help. I googled for an exact match but didn't find one yet.
I didn't see anything there that looks enough like it to say yes. I had just cut the pic out of the ebay listing. Here are two better pictures of the second item:
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Read my description (above) for dimensions.
Some of the other stuff in the lot was for cars, so this may well be a car tool. I'm sure it's only of value if you happen to discover you need one now. Just curiousity makes me wonder what it is.
Hmmm. I just tried it to open the cap on a beer bottle. Far from the ideal tool -- had to approach from a near tangential angle, but it can get the job done.
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You might try to slide the grips off of these tools to see if there are any numbers or identifying marks under them, in case you haven't already.
They look like a lot of tools formed from sheet steel, and could be generic imported cloned types commonly found at auto parts/supply stores.
Most of the major tool companies, and the U.S. cloners will mark their tools with identifying part/stock numbers.
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