Horizontal mill arbor spacers?


What sizes of arbor spacers give the best mix for the 5" arbor of the Hardinge? Are assortment sets sold?


Kevin Gallimore

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In collecting horizontal arbors I have found by far the cheapest way to get arbor spacers is to buy entire populated arbors with spacers from Enco. If your arbor is 1" diameter, buy a 1" arbor with spacers .. you get the idea.

There is an adjustable arbor spacer out there that I don't own but that looks a lot handier than cutting up shim stock.


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Grant Erwin

For the really thin spacers, MSC has a kit--IIRC its like less than ten bucks for about 30 shims ranging in size from a thou on up to 1/4 in or so.......

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Oh, and by the way if your 1" arbor is driven e.g. by a #50 taper spacers for a 1" R8 arbor will fit just fine .. - GWE

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Grant Erwin

Newbie question: Is a large assortment of accurate spacers only needed when mounting more than one cutter on the arbor? It seems to me that when only one cutter is involved accurate spacing isn't needed because the cross feed can be used for positioning. Or, am I missing something?


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Bob Engelhardt

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