How much of Dillon's Carbide dies are Carbide?

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Clark Magnuson
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The outside on many dies is chrome Moly for strength. The carbide is the stretching and sizing part that takes a lot of pressure. It might, haven't torn down mine, be the pressing die inside the bullet press die.


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Martin H. Eastburn

According to Clark Magnuson :

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I don't know, since I have never dealt with them.

But how much of *any* carbide die set is carbide? It is normally a fairly short ring at the bottom end of the dies. The rest is plain steel. (I would not want to pay for the ground threads needed in an *all* carbide die. :-)

And from the description following your link, these also have carbide expander balls as part of the sizing die.

Enjoy, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols

I seem to recall seeing a cross-section of the dies showing the carbide ring where the case goes in (where the force is applied, for the most part) and maybe the button. Check the Blue Press, perhaps, or call 'em. Every time I've called, the person answering the phone has every answer I can throw at them.

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Dave Hinz

Straight wall cartridges simply have a carbide ring inserted in the die mouth.

Good question indeed on bottle neck dies


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Gunner Asch

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