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It seems every four years, in my circles at least, the question arises about how to select a canidate worthy to receive your vote. The first and foremost answer to ring out is always something to the effect that by the time a person rises to that level, their rise has been by way of climbing the mound dead bodies they have created, and since by that time they are all crooks, it really doesn't matter who you vote for because once in office they are going to be so busy paying off political debts and running the country intelligently will take a back seat. But realistically, after experiencing a whole bunch of these 4 Year Plagues over my lifetime, it seems be getting more difficult each time to see the truth through the campaign rhetoric in hopes of making an intelligent decision. Anyone who would like to offer their ideas about how to make an informed decision would be greatly appreciated. If you use this opportunity to plug a particular candidate, you've missunderstood my query, but that's okay too. Why am I posting this here? I've been making chips all my life, reading this group is like talking with family. Thanks, K.

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If one is running for office, any office, one is a liar, a crook and a thief. The hard thing is to determine who is the worst and vote for the other. The sad thing is if there is more than two in any election, a vote for the lesser of the evils is the same as no vote at all. Those who vote for a spoiler have no room to complain about the results, because no matter how one looks at it, their vote helped the very person they were voting against

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In general, we have the best government when the executive is controlled by one party and the legislature by the other. Who's going to dominate the house and senate next year? Cast your presidential vote accordingly.

Al Moore

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