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Enough to give us a mention!
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Big Rich Soprano
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Er, uh, more of a very much left-handed "compliment" rather than a mention; but coming from the people who make the paled-down version of an already wimpy "beer" (more rice and corn than barley, so it sure as hell isn't beer - and since when does real beer need heading additives?)
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Steve Caple
Amusing that a thread about Budweiser brings up rice-related ads.
Still, before they went and absorbed Rolling Rock and moved it out of Latrobe in their quest to submerge the market in their pale pseudovariety, I did enjoy a Budweiser now and again. After all, Anheuser-Busch knows of no beer that costs so much to brew and age.
I can't say I like Bud Light, however.
(Sure, Rolling Rock was a pale, light beer, but it tasted really good on a hot day. Now the brewery makes Mike's Hard Lemonade. Oh, the brewmanity. At least we still have Straub.)
I do wish they'd laid on the humor a little thicker. I don't think they have any idea just how crazy we are. I was hoping for a vest with patches, and an engineer's cap, not Steve Martin.
Cordially yours: Gerard P. President, a box of track and a gappy table.
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