Hydraulic engine as pump

I'd like to use a hydraulic engine as a backup propulsion system on my boat.
I need max 50kW at 200rpm.
Does anybody know if I can use a hydraulic radial piston engine as a
hydraulic pump while I am not using it (as an engine, that is) as a backup
for my hydraulics system??
I also worry if I could power such a hydraulic engine with my existing axial
piston pump (powered by a 3cyl diesel) or if that is simply a question of
getting the flow vs. pressure right.
Thx for your input,
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Sjokomopu fired this volley in news: snipped-for-privacy@banking.interfed.xferhost:
We in the U.S. use the term "engine" mostly to describe a prime-mover -- a device which directly converts a fuel to mechanical energy. What you describe seems to be a "hydraulic motor" -- a device that converts a form of transmittable energy (hydraulic force) into rotary mechanical energy.
Many hydraulic motors may be used as pumps with no particular limitations. Some types are not. A radial or axial piston pump/motor is usually suitable for both types of duty. Variable-displacement pumps are seldom used as motors, but fixed-displacement types work fine.
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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh
Sorry for the confusion. You were right, I was referring to motor in that case, not engine. So I suppose I will be able to find a motor that can double as a pump.
Any idea how much power an *unloaded* radial piston pump would use up? I'm asking because I am wondering if I can leave the motor/pump connected to the propeller shaft all the time or if I have to devise a physical connect/disconnect mechanism to reduce overhead.
What is the lowest-loss hydraulic pump type, anyway - anyone???
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