insulating underground pipe

There are places where my water line are slightly above the frost
zone. i could not help it as there were lots of obstructions in my way
when digging the ditches and I could not get the bepth I wanted with
the ditch wich.
Anywat, I used pipe insulation (the slip on foam kind) for the whole
I was interested if anyone has heard of this, but on the net I read
somewhere where a municipality in New York said to use foam insulating
board layed in the ditch on top of the pipe. It said soemthign to the
effect that where one inch foam insulating board was used would reduce
the required burry depth by 6 inches. Does anyone know about that?
If a person were to do this would the foil barrier go toward the sky
or the ground? Top or bottom?
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Our neighbor discovered her water line from a shared well had parts that were only 12 inches below the surface. When the temp here in Central Oregon got to 10-15 below zero for 5-6 nights in a row, her pipe froze, but didn't break.
In discussing this with my brother who is a real estate appraiser, broker, and all things building wise, he recommended buying a sheet or two of the hard cyano foam insulating board, the kind with foil on one side. Cut into strips and place on the sides and top of the water pipe. May need several layers, then backfill with earth. The foam insulation will do the same as several feet of soil. He did that at his new house because he ran into LARGE rocks buried where he needed to run a water line.
The foil doesn't care if it's up or down. Curt says it also provides the required ability to trace the line with a metal detector.
So, it's not just in NY.
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That's common practice here in northern New England. You never know when you'll run into ledge or a huge rock when digging. The water line to my shop is only about 2 feet down in places, with 2" of blueboard on top. Three to four feet is the recommended depth here, but the line has been in place 15 years and hasn't frozen yet.
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Ned Simmons
It's done all the time around here where we have frost at 40" regularly. The road crews will install 2" to 4" of foam between storm sewer lines that are exposed to outside air and the water pipes buried nearby.
For your install you would want to have the insulation on top of the pipe but not below so that the frost will stop above the pipe.
stryped wrote:
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The foil faced Iso board sucks up water like a sponge and not meant for burial. The blue or pink XPS board would be better fot this application.
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