K-type v-belts

I have two pieces of gear that contain v-belts, one designated K-31 the
other K-27. They are 1/2" deep and 5/16 wide (although with minor
variations - about 0.01" - they are different ages).
I cannot find any reference in any of the manufacturers' or dealers' web
pages to a K-series.
Google is no help - the only relevant reference was a question on another
forum with a bunch of singularly unhelpful answers (such as "Google it!")
Anybody has a clue? The nearest match I found was an "M" section belt but
they seem rare as hen's teeth.
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Michael Koblic
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M section is now called Z section (at least in the UK). 5/16" wide, can't remember the depth.
Regards Mark Rand RTFM
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Mark Rand

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