Wire Reinforced V-belts?

I'd never heard of wire reinforced V-belts until today when I dropped by
a NAPA parts distributor to get a 4L680 v-belt for my ancient Snapper
riding mower.
The counter guy handed me one marked 4L680W and I commented that the
I'd never seen a V-belt that color before, it was sort of an algae green.
The guy said it was a wire reinforced v-belt and would last a lot longer
than a "regular" V-belt, so I bought it.
I couldn't Google up anything on wire reinforced V-belts, but I'm
inclined to believe that it is, given the "W" at the end of the part
number. The sleeve said it was made for NAPA by Gates.
Given that it cost me about twice what I'm used to paying for that sized
belt, (almost $16)I hope the guy knew what he was talking about
regarding its working life.
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Jeff Wisnia
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Standard Gates color for fractional horsepower belts.
Fractional horsepower belts is the term used for the heavy duty version of the belt (for some reason I've never divined).
It's not wire reinforced but it is heavier duty. These are the only way to go on mowers if you can't get the factory belt.
The W is how Napa differentiates the heavy duty belts from the regular. Gates uses a separate number system for them instead of the W. I've seen more than one of these broken and I've never found anything like steel or wire in them. They do have kelvar or similar cords though.
I believe the W probably stands for "wrapped" since these are a wrapped belt instead bare like most belts.
Yes they're expensive but they're worth it except in the case where you're trying to wrap them around to small of a pulley. They're not as flexible as standard belts so don't do as well in that case. Plus the cloth wrapping might not give as good a traction in some cases.
Wayne Cook Shamrock, TX
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Wayne Cook
My older Cub Cadet mowers use a wire re-enforced belt for the PTO drive to the deck. The V angles of the factory belt are deeper and seem sharper than a standard belt, and they will sling a standard belt as fast as you can put them on there and engage the PTO. I think the green belts MAY have Kevlar in them, more flexible and stronger than wire of the same size. In textile processing, Dacron and such can be cut like butter with HSS rotary cutter blades. It takes tungsten carbide blades to cut Kevlar, and the standard machinery has to be re-enforced to do so.
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Not as expensive as the $89 plus shipping vari drive belt Clausing sells.
I found it at Thompson Idustrial for $45.
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Hey Jeff,
I can't give you any "details", but perhaps the V-belts you were buying previously were for "Fractional Horsepower" use. Lawn mowers are definitely NOT fractional. Lots of the larger power belts have an air-cord type wire or multi-wire layer, laid in rather like a tire bead.
Take care.
Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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Brian Lawson
I aquired my 16hp 1974 Craftsman Garden tractor in 1995 with a seriouslly ailing main drive belt. I replaced it with one of those green belts on the advice of the local NAPA man. Somehow that belt got a really bad cut at the end of last season. No steel but other than the cut the belt would have still been fine. I replaced it with the same Gates number. Expensive but worth it.
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Ted Edwards

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