Label Plastic lumber

I have a project to rebuild a dozen park benches for my local Rotary club.
We're interested in replacing the redwood on the bench with recycled plastic
formatting link

A requirement is to have each bench prominently labeled. The old redwood was
engraved and painted. Will that work on this material? Or would applying
vinyl sign material work well? Other options?
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Karl Townsend
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Engrave and paint it. Should mill nicely on any CNC mill. Could also hot stamp it.
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Pete C.
I engraved this material with great success. I used a standard wood router with wood cutting bits. I was concerned about melting, so I eventually got a router motor with a built-in speed control.
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You could sandblast the design in with a sandblast mask cut on a vinyl cutter or a metal stencil. Steve
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Up North
Vinyl sign material will peel off a textured substrate in a couple of years (or less).
Easy/quick way - get a custom stencil, use the Krylon spray paint designed for plastics. That should be quite permanent, even as the paint fades and chips away the text remains visible on the wood/plastic material for a long time.
For stencils, see a local sign shop or order from us:
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Carla Fong
"Karl Townsend" wrote: (clip) A requirement is to have each bench prominently labeled. The old redwood was
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Another possibility is to link the new benches to the past by using redwood as a part of the back, with the required lettering. If the lettered part of the old benches is not in bad shape, you might even be able to incorporate the old labeling into the new benches.
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Leo Lichtman
Could also 'brand' them as in cattle branding.
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The town I grew up in used engraved brass plates. They were stolen. Karl
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