Laser Cutting & Home-built CNC Mill

Hi - long time, no see, I'm only an occasional lurker on this group...

But, if you're interested in seing how I got the parts laser cut for my upcoming 0-6-0 steam loco, I've uploaded a webpage about it. See second entry in left column in index.

Also in the index (righthand column, "Other loco builders"), is a link to a Finnish guy who built his own CNC mill and is putting CNC control on his lathe - text in Finnish only, but lots of pics.

The URL to my loco website is

formatting link

(PS: If you have any comments and vish a response, please cc my email, since I visit this ng rather infrequently... there's simply too much on the WWW to be able to follow everything!)

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Jan-Eric Nystrom
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Hey Jan-Eric,

First time I've noticed you had any accent, and it sounds German!!!

Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario.

ps... for RCM guys that might not know him, Jan-Eric is an amazing guy, super and super-fast builder with unique ideas and how-to's, and great web-site. Have a peek for sure. It ain't all just steam!!

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Brian Lawson

I like it - love the nice backyard model on the track.

THe top left picture is something else !

Thanks for the trip - long time rail fan.


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