Less than perfect online auction listing

I stopped by today to pick up a couple of things from a liquidation auction that was conducted online. While waiting for the pickup person to show up, I looked at other things that they sold. One thing caught my attention. It was a Clausing Metosa lathe, 14x48 or there abouts.

What caught my attention is that it was obviously dropped HARD, with its face hitting concrete floor at full speed. All handles broke off and everything that could crack or bend, did so. What disappointed me is that the online listing said nothing about it. It just said "Clausing Metosa lathe XXxYY".

It looks like it was actually purchased vby someone on site, but still, I do feel that the auctioneer owed a little more detail on this. The guy was totally nonchalant and sais "that's what previews are for".

This is something to always keep in mind when bidding online. I have not been very badly burned on anything, yet, IIRC, but that is because I always bid very low and try to not bid on stuff that may be high dollar and problematic.

Just wanted to vent.

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Let's hope the accident happened AFTER the auction.

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If the site said "everything as-is, previews welcome" I think that'd be enough.

If everything comes with extensive run-downs on all that's there, and _one_ thing didn't, that's a different story.

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Tim Wescott

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