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Hi all, received this from a friend last night.

It seems a very comprehensive listing of rallies. Obviously it was drawn up with the vehicle enthusiast in mind, but very useful all the same.

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Regards, Arthur G

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Arthur G
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In message , Arthur G writes

Thanks for that - bookmarked.

This has inspired me to see if the Old Glory site is working, and it is:

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I notice that Paul hasn't got Internal Fire listed there in March or April.



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Peter Scales

I've been dealing with that admin for Paul. OG screwed up YET again. Short of sending them a low-yield thermonuclear suppository I'm out of ideas. A reasonable person would think that an acknowledged request would get the desired action but it seems not. SEM also managed to screw-up in exactly the same way!!!!!!!!!! The Easter event is on and the Sulzer is looking good for its first run. See

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for full details yours in total exasperation Roland

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Roland and Celia Craven

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