LHT-25B - Small Turret Lathe

Picked up another project. An old Taiwan made LHT-25B small turret
lathe. Missing a couple covers, and not running. Previous owner was
fitting a 3 phase motor, but had not finished it. If the motor is good
I'll slap a VFD on it. He was going to use the capacitor method to run
Turret works and advances. 5c collet closes works and locks up. There
are a few small parts I make that would go very fast on this machine. I
actually use a manual advanced turret in the tail stock of one of my
other lathes now.
I got it cheap enough I could sell a few things that came with it and
make a small profit, but I would rather service it and use it rtaher
than scrap it out.
Anyway, I did not get a manual or manuals for it. I know its a long
shot, but I figure I'd ask if anybody has a copy of the manual(s) for
this machine before they would let go before I spring for a "free"
manual from behind a subscription paywall.
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Bob La Londe
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Apparently, they are relatively common, sold under various badges. Google brought up lots. Here is one:
Joe Gwinn
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Joe Gwinn
Yep, and Amazon shows one that actually shows the CORRECT machine on the manual at about twice that price. I also found a couple "free" behind pay walls that you have to subscribe to and then remember to cancel. Found all of those using Google before posting.
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Bob La Londe

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