Morse Taper grinding

A spindle, or an arbor? It sounds like you want to turn down an arbor that originally FIT a morse taper spindle.

It probably can be cut with carbide, but it will be hard to do so. You probably would do well to anneal it. That can often be done by heating it with a propane torch. The smooth ground surface will turn "straw" colored at a certain point. Heat it perhaps a little past that point and then let it cool slowly. This should reduce the hardness enough to make turning it easier with carbide. You probably are not going to be able to turn this on a jeweler's lathe, or at least it would take a long time to do so.


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Jon Elson
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i probably baught the wrong item on ebay--i am a newbee to lathes etc

what is teh best way to take a morse taper spindale and get it down to about 5/16 of an inch ( i plan to adapt a collet chuck with a mt3 spindle) to my smalljewlers lathe

i know nothing about a mt spindle google gives all sorts of purchasing info

i assume the spindle is made of very strong steel and cannot be cut say with a carbide tool

any advise really appreciated---i suspect the prucase will be a disaster but the phots look good--

tia peter

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In all probability, what you have is a chuck mounted on a removable morse taper/jacobs taper arbour. Check for manufacturer's information from the maker of the chuck, then look for a suitable arbour to adapt to your requirement. Gerry :-)} London, Canada

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Gerald Miller

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