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I just sent this email to them. Anyone else here find there search
hard to use. Agree with my comments??
Looking for a 3/4" carbide end mill with a 4" loc. your "refine by"
list lets you pick over all length (OAL) as an option, but not length
of cut(LOC).
OAL is a useless seach option, LOC is the info a machinist needs to
select an endmill for the job.
The other thing I saw was material choice listed as:
Carbide (19)
Carbide - Micrograin (15)
Cobalt - M-42 (115)
HSS (161)
Powdered Cobalt - M-42 (8)
Powdered Metal - M-42 (4)
Solid Carbide (101)
Solid Carbide - C-2 (30)
Solid Carbide - Micrograin (97)
Solid Carbide - Sub-Micrograin (2)
The only thing you need to separate is carbide VS carbide inserts. If
the mill does not take replaceable inserts then just list it as solid
All the M-42's should be together. Maybe after you pick M-42 (cobalt)
then you can select regular or powder.
end paste
What do you guys think, am I on target?
I get the impression the guys making the web site have no idea what
M-42 is or means.
Thank You,
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You're right... More importantly, the person at MSC responsible for the website is a dolt. I *hate* those sites that are built with the assumption that we have a well-organized PAPER catalog in front of us... /mark
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Mark F
It's far better than a lot of sites I've been to, though. Plus if you really hafta, the PDF of the actual catalog page can be loaded and you can "flip" the page if you need to. Most sites don't have that. But, having built a lot of databases, I'd say that a "Length of Cut" field would be empty for about 99% of the other products they sell, if they added one. Big waste of space for all those others. It could be done with an extra table just for endmills, but a lot of developers wouldn't get that detailed. Plus the web form just got a lot more complicated, too.
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Just tried that site today. Useless. Search on "concave cutters" and nothing usable comes up. Really need their catalog. May be useful in terms of specs with the catalog in hand, but certainly no substitute.
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