anyone else tired of this....?

SW explorer.

open assembly,select copy, copy children, find where used. You find a multi page drawing that has drawing view derived from the assembly and drawing views derived from individual parts in the assembly. You copy this assembly to a new folder including all children with a new suffix like "rev 2".

When you open the copied version of the drawing any views that were created from parts are still looking at the original parts requiring you to rename the original folder and refind the newly copied parts one by one as you open the drawing.


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John Layne

Ummm, I can't reproduce that problem as described. I've been using SW Explorer for some time and it seems to work fine, at least in this instance. The only problems I ever have are upstream drawings. Ie. You have a seperate drawing for one of the parts that you want to copy as well as the assembly and assembly drawing where it's used. You need to Copy the main drawing, assy and child parts. Then copy the second drawing afterwards pointing it to whatever new part it should be looking at.

It looks like you're copying the top level assembly and then trying to point the drawing at it. You should be using Sw Explorer to copy the drawing and it's child components.

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