Need a big cordless hammer drill?

Apparently Bosch is dumping their lithium-ion 36 V Brute Tough hammer
Bosch part number 18636-2
You can find it on eBay or Amazon for less than $200.
I bought it shipped from Tool Authority for $180 (US) total.
I suppose they are planning to update that hammer drill, and they have
a lot of the current version in stock.
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John Doe
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We may be seeing one of the little upsides to the massive problems our economy is having right now. The next year or two could be a great time for the patient bargain hunter with a bit of extra cash.
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Vaughn Simon
The current price for the Bosch 18636-2 cordless hammer drill kit has been reduced to $170 (USA) with free shipping at
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. I just ordered a third, the first two came in factory sealed boxes. The included batteries cost almost that much on eBay. I'm still wondering why Bosch is dumping it.
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John Doe
A friend of my friend works at Bosch and they had a employee only sale. The only reason why I did not buy this drill (priced at $130) was that I already have a well working DeWALT, but it was tempting. I did buy a sawzall for $60, two 4.5" grinders $30 each, and a 11224 VSR rotary hammer for $70. All new.
In any case, I think that the above price of $170 is a great value and if you need a cordless drill, this is the one to buy.
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RCM only
On Mon, 03 Nov 2008 23:05:18 -0600, the infamous Ignoramus7766 scrawled the following:
They're probably selling a hell of a lot more of their Impactors. I have a 14.4v Impactor and really, really like it. Another possibility is the 36v batteries. They're heavier and pricier if nothing else.
Damned snark...
If you need a hammer drill, that's it. If you need a fastener driver, get an Impactor.
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Larry Jaques
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Yeah, that 36 V hammer drill isn't for regular use, they are big and 7.1 pounds. But hey, if you have any of their other 36 V tools, you get two of the FatPack batteries plus a charger and the drill for $170 (USA) total. I suppose you could sell the drill body on eBay, but you won't get very much for it, judging by how little I got for the spare batteries and chargers I sold.
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