Need source for downloading Emco Maier Compact 5 lathe manual

It drives me nuts that I can't find a source where I can download the Emco Maier compact 5 lathe manual. I don't even like turn it on w/o reading the manual.....Please help....

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EMCO manuals writen in german can be downloaded from

formatting link
May be you find an english manual in one of the Yahoo groups e.g. Emco_cnc_users

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Peter Nyffeler

According to PeterM :

Well ... do you mean the hardware manual, or the software manual?

For the latter, there are three different versions of the firmware, 1.1, 1.?, 1.4 (I forget whether it is 1.2 or 1.3 which was never released.) And they are *very* different, so you need the right manual for your version -- or to change the firmware as well, which can mean adding chips to the CPU board in the system.

The only way to determine for sure which version you have is to pull the back panel off and look at the labels on the EPROMs. (And, if is one of the later versions, the EPROMs will be on a daughterboard sitting over where the EPROMs normally were, but with the EPROM labels facing towards the main board.

So -- if it is that, then you'll have to unplug that daughterboard (which plugs into the original EPROM sockets and into a random logic chip socket) to read the versions.

If you turn out to have version 1.4 -- I've scanned the manual (but I'll have to find where it is hiding on a CD-ROM somewhere.) So send me an e-mail (the e-mail address in the "From: " header is correct, as well as that which should be in the .sig when the newsreader gets around to attaching it. :-)

A clue which can sometimes identify an older system is the shape fo the keycaps on the pad. The old one has keycaps which are squares with a slight circular depression in the center. The newer ones are sculptured keycaps like a good computer keyboard.

Good Luck, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols

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