New project

Just wanted to show you all my latest project, this project is fairly easy
to make.
I call it a Syke.. half scooter- half bike.
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Bill Wallender
btw, Still waiting for you guys to start using my free classified section,
help me
make it to be huge. Check it out, it's a nice classified ads website.
Suggestions are welcomed.
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Hey! Add a seat, pedals, sprockets and a chain, and I'll bet it would go pretty fast!
Al Moore
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Alan Moore
(and he wonders why they call him "Mean Al")
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Tom Gardner
The very first bike, the 'hobbyhorse', was similar.except that it had a seat and was propelled by pushing with both feet.
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Leon Heller
Looks nice, well done. You could call it a 'kickbike'. Try google that.
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Jere Honkavaara
Thanks Jere.. I have never seen or heard of a kickbike, they are very interesting.
The more contact I have with this group, the more impressed I am with the wide scope of the knowledge base.
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