i m a 3rd year electrical student.i want a project which is not core electrical but a blend of communication and computers.can anyone of u suggest me a good topic for my b very thankful to u.

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build a spread spectrum transceiver

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If you want to communicate, you might investigate the proper use of punctuation, spelling, and capitalization. Then you can return and ask your question in a manner that might convince some of the people of this group to respond.

If you do not learn good, clear, written communication skills you will be a failure in engineering.

Charles Perry P.E.

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Charles Perry

Build a mailbox transmitter and home receiver so I know when the mail arrives and if I have mail or not. It is a pain in the neck to drive down to the mail box everyday to find out if I have mail. I would pay handsomely for a device that would transmit a signal to a device in my house to tell me if I have mail. I bet it would sell like hotcakes.

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to communicate, you might investigate the proper use of

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Solar powered, of course, and your name lights up at night (Option Code NL).

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Mike Lamond

i have a problem a winch is being fitted to a truck to pull on vehicles but there are 4 connectors 1 under the motor and 3 on the top of it 1 on top is marked F1 another F2 and the last one A it is a 24 voltdc winch with a dual soleniod the manufacturers says the wiring is standard can u assist. jr

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