i'm a third year student of production engg.i am supposed to submit a project.i want to do it on welding.give me some ideas about-- how to get started- how to write a project- where to get materials-or any other suggestion.project should look like a third year student report.

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Two welded products that leap to mind are

1) the Sten sub-machine gun. 2) the air reservoir of an air compressor. 1) This was the ugly but functional British response to the German WWII sub-machine gun, that was productionized for low-cost. The American "Grease-gun" was in the same class.

Muffler pipe, a few pressings, and just a machined inertia spring bolt and barrel - tack 'em up, and there you go!

2) Now look at the welding on an (automated) weld seam on both pressure tank caps of a compressor - beautiful work!

If you did a contrast n compare like this, it might work for you?

Brian Whatcott

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Brian Whatcott

What exactly is expected of you on this project? Do you have to actually get something built or just design it?

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Jeff Finlayson

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