Old Time Ford Factory Flick - Lots Of Metalworking

'Trip Through The River Rouge Plant'.

Wild ass guess is c. late 30's.

Make popcorn, runs about a half hour.

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I recently saw part of a documentary on what hell holes those old plants actually were... complete with roving 'security' goons, ready & eager to rough up employees caught talking, complaining and/or whatnot.

I bet they also had a steady stream of ambulances hauling off work related injuries (and fatalities).


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Very nice movie, and amazing how "old technology" could be used in such sophisticated ways.

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Gunner Asch on Sat, 25 Jan 2014 05:54:42 -0800 typed in rec.crafts.metalworking the following:

The "smarts" and "experience" is now in the machines. From design to shipping, the machines take care of most of the fiddly bits.

-- pyotr filipivich "With Age comes Wisdom. Although more often, Age travels alone."

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pyotr filipivich

Hey guys and gals,

I need to contact Dick Triemstra ASAP, especially via cell phone, but I'll take any info anybody has on how to get hold of him. Does anybody know if he headed west to California yet????

I mentioned to Dick at the last MDMC meeting that I knew a guy interested in selling a Hardinge HLV-H reconditioned recently to factory specs. I couldn't recall at the time where the seller lived, but turns out it is in Billings, Montana, and if Dick has gone already maybe he could stop and have a look.

Brian Lawson.

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Brian Lawson

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