OT-another zenni optical thumbs up

After reading the posts regarding the zenni optical glasses I decided to
take the punge- albeit in a limited fashion- single vision moderate
correction, astigmatism in one eye. The glasses came inna hardshell case in
a tyvek style envelope. Opened them up, adjusted the temple and nose bridge
a bit and tried em out. Best 24 dollars I've spent. Good prescrip, flame
polished edges (my progressives didn't come with that), and decent material
used all add up to a superior product. BTW, I thought I'd gottem a lemon
till I realized that the clipons shades had a vinyl protective layer that
had to be peeled away-a d'oh moment.To the person that started the thread,
my hearty (and miserly ) thanks. regards Pat
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patrick mitchel
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To add to this OT thread, I'm trying out some B&L Multifocal contact lens from the optical department at Costco. So far, pretty good for distance and not too bad close-up- not quite good enough for close inspection work.
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I am on my 2nd order with Zenni, this time I am getting coated lenses with a little tint. For the plain vanilla single vision 24$ including the shipping they came in a week! I just might have to give up the birth control goggles the military furnishes!
patrick mitchel wrote:
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After reading the original post I bought a pair of Sunglasses, they are dam good and for $38.00 great deal. The lenses are right on.
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wayne mak
I bought a pair of progressive bifocals from Zenni Optical right after Christmas and they came last week. They seem to be every bit as good as the spensive glasses I got last spring. Steve
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Up North
I looked over that site - don't see anything that might pass as safety glasses, sent them email, no response - where do you get rugged safety glasses at a reasonable price - of course I can get a pair every other year for "free" via my vision care coverage, but I trash glasses faster than that, so ????
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William Noble
On Thu, 11 Jan 2007 21:45:50 -0800, with neither quill nor qualm, "William Noble" quickly quoth:
[topposting corrected]
I hate safety glasses and much prefer using a lexan face shield instead, over my bifocals. Safety glasses are distortion-prone, scratch easily, and are way too expensive.
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Larry Jaques
true enough (reverting to totally annoying top posting, because that's the way I prefer to read posts), however I like the convenience, and I want some, so ???
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William Noble
2nd order arrived yesterday, with the holiday and Ford in between- the order took 2 weeks to arrive. This time I got memory titanium and coated lenses plus a slight tint.
Definately get the coated lenses if you drive at night -it makes a large difference.
Still under 50$ delivered with nicer frames and the options.
Somebody wanted safety glasses? they have goggles but I didn't find any safety glasses either.
SO anyway whoever clued me in to Zenni Thanks!
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