ot - digital still cam as webcam? How?

G'Day, OT I know, but the collective knowledge here is unsurpassed... A long shot maybe, but I'm getting no joy from Canon...

Is anyone any idea or way of using a digital still camera (Canon A30) as a webcam? I've tried some googles searches, but I haven't found anything for Win

98SE, and the WinXP apps seem to be MSN messenger, rather than some form of driver...

Does anyone know how to do this?, or can't it be done?

Thanks in advance, Des

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Des Bromilow
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Thanks Shockie!!!! I was under the impression TWAIN was used for scanners... I didn't know it worked for webcams.

Thanks, I'll give it a whirl this evening.


shockwaveriderz wrote:

function as a webcam if

drivers for the A30....A10/20/40/50 yes....

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or its here:

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drivers, reboot your pc and once it comes back up, then attach the digicam via usb and it should find it ...

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Des Bromilow

This is only the driver to allow you to copy pictures over to your hard drive, you cant use it as a webcam. The only way I've found to use the A30 as a webcam is by running the PAL (im Australian so we dont use NTSC) output to an analogue capture card. Save your money and buy one of those logitech quickcam thingy for webcam use!

  1. you install the twain drivers for your OS for the usb connectivity or
  2. if you install a video capture card and then output the video from the NTSC output...

I went to the canon website and searched for win98 drivers and I could find no drivers for the A30....A10/20/40/50 yes.... but I did find the A30 twain driver here here:

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its here:
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get psa30tw410.exe

These are Australian sites...

besure to disconnect the digicam from the pc prior to installing these drivers, reboot your pc and once it comes back up, then attach the digicam via usb and it should find it ...


shockie B)

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