OT: Little Chinese Generator Report

Hey, all-
The local Pep Boys had 1000 watt 64 cc two-stroke generators on sale for
$100. I bought one for powering up my camper at races, swap meets, antique
engine shows- places where generators are OK.
The pros: it is decent little machine- loaded voltage is between 118 to 120
and the frequency is astonishingly stable at 61-62 Hz. It is a lot quieter
than I expected- you can talk in normal tones from about 10 feet away.
Typical of two stroke engines, it runs smoother under a good load. Fuel
consumption at 300 watts is less than a quart an hour. It is light- only
about 40 pounds. Being a two-stoke, you never worry about lube oil.
The cons: there is very limited support- I understand that the importer is
very good about shipping out parts and has a good inventory, but there is
only one importer. There are no service manuals available. Being a
two-stoke, you have to remember to correctly premix oil (I use a
'Ratio-Right' measuring cup).
In sum: it is no Honda or Kimpor, but it costs about 8-10 times less (which
means no one is going to work hard to steal it). If something major breaks,
unless you can fix it yourself, consider it disposable. Even if it burns out
after 3 seasons, it will still have cost less that quality deep-cycle
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Carl Byrns
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If you get 100 hours of of it, at $1 per hour, it will be a good value for the dollar.
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That's about how I look at it. A pair of good deep-cycle 6 volt golf cart batteries would cost twice as much and would degrade over time just sitting around.
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Carl Byrns

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