OT-Retired <almost> CNC fixer and VFD's Too

Gunner suggested I post here for doing electronic repair.
I'm retired but going nuts with nothing to do.
If you need anything from a VFD to a circuit board repaired ... let me look
at it and I can save you lots of money for a first class repair. I can find
parts for almost anything.
Maybe we can even fix something over the net.
Here is a page from an old resume
excellent background in, CNC machine tools, Temperature Controls, Variable
Speed Motor Drives (AC-Stepper or DC) PLC / PC controls and the ability to
do system integration of new technology into existing equipment. I have
also been part of highly technical applications that included Product
Conveyance Systems using vacuum technology, Check weighing (LVDT, Strain
gauge) Vision Inspection Systems (Acuity), and Robotics.
I just an old fireman ( trouble shooter) looking for a fire to put out.
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If you ever need Allen-Bradley 7320 parts, I have one that ran when I shut it off for the last time. I should be able to get it fired up again without too much trouble to test boards.
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Jon Elson
How many years before the 8400B was that?
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I will definitely keep you in mind. I do once in a while have a need for fixing motor drives or some other industrial electronics.
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you didnt post to alt.machines.cnc
Least it didnt show up.
Repost it
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This year the code requirement for an amateur radio license was dropped. So you should have no problem in getting a license. Go to QRZ to find study material. After you have your license, contact the amateur clubs in your area. That will put you in contact with lots of electronic oriented people. Some will have industrial stuff that needs repair or you could get into communications repairs.
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