OT: Steel Parts Shrinkage

Sorry.... Given the really high number of OT threads in this newsgroup I though that a metal question would now be OT.

Anybody have an online source for %variation with temperature change for various type of typically-machined metals?

For fear of upsetting anyone I wish you all a very happy ChrismaChanuKwanza. This is truly the best bunch of people of the web! Thanks to you all for making my day, day after day!! - Gunner - Jim - Ed et al - see you in 2004!

BTW you can ignore the question - have since found the answer - but best wishes to all and to all a good night


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I don't know if they have this info on line, but Handy and Harmon put out a booklet called " The brazing Book ". It has a table in it with expansion coef. ranges for degrees C and Degrees F.


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