OT USPSA match

I shot my first USPSA match today. United States Practial Shooting
Association. The matches are timed events requiring a number of
reloads, with multiple targets, obstacles, moving targets, reactive
targets, good guys that if hit cost you lots of points, bad guys
hiding behind good guys without much bad guy showing, and some
knockdown steel targets that then trigger a different moving target
somewhere else. The participant must move while shooting (or shoot
while moving). Well, you can stop momentarily to shoot but you need
to walk or jog thru the setup to be able to access all targets.
I needed to buy a holster, five magazines, five magazine pouches and
a gunbelt. I did that on Tuesday on the way back from the lake when I
went thru St. Cloud, which has a really good sporting goods store.
(Scheel's) There is nothing as good as Scheel's in the Twin Cities
metro area.
I'm sure I came in about a mile and a half behind last place, but I
had ONE HELL OF A GOOD TIME! My mentor and guide said I did good
(sic) for a first timer. I didn't violate any safety rules, didn't
get disqualified, didn't shoot off any toes and I had ONE HELL OF A
I'd attended a couple of these Wednesday evening matches to observe.
These guys (and gals, and kids) are there to have a good time. They
were friendly, welcoming, encouraging and helpful and they were
obviously haveing ONE HELL OF A GOOD TIME!
At one point it was necessary to aim and shoot thru a slit about knee
high in a barricade. I can get down to kneeling just fine and right
now, but getting back up is a problem if my right hand is occupied
keeping a muzzle downrange and unavailable for aid in upward
propulsion. I found a way to do it with a very wide bent-kneed stance
and I hit every target with my first shot -- which was good because I
got it done before I petrified in that position -- then scampered on
like a geriatric gazelle with gout.
I had some equipment problems, primarily new magazines not seating
(even though my left palm is bruised from smacking them) and failure
to close to battery (cycle properly, gun quits working, needs
attention). My mentor Roy examined my pistol (1911) afterwards and
declared it to be far too dry and mentioned some lubrication points
I'd never thought of though they make perfect sense. Oy can fix that
with a little Tri-Flo from Mary's sewing machine maintenance supply.
She's grinning wherever she is, saying, "way to go, Foreman!"
I don't know about the mags, I'll explore that a little. I've not had
that problem with stock mags but I haven't been doing tactical reloads
on the run either. It's some combination of me and the mags, probably
more operator error than equipment deficiency. These are Kimber,
stainless, supposed to be pretty good mags. Roy said yeah, Kimber mags
are good. I think they're what he uses.
At one point I'd spent three of the 8 rounds just clearing
malfunctions. They were laying on the ground. That was a timed stage
with 5 targets, so I'd have to hit every target with one shot or I was
outta luck. Not many guys did that tonight, but I hit all five steel
targets with the five rounds I had left and I was shooting pretty
fast. I think Roy's opinion of me swung north about then. Perhaps
some others did as well. The new codger may be a klutz but he
obviously can shoot.
I need to practice draw, routine use of safety on 1911, and tactical
reloads while on the run. I never had a holster for a 1911 until
Tuesday and consequently never had any occasion to bother with the
safety. I have some new habits to develop in muscle memory. Well, I
did have a 1911 in a holster in the Army, but I never drew it. I
couldn't hit the inside of a closet with a 1911 back then. I can now!
There are no bullet holes in any of my closets as evidence, but I
assure you that I can hit the inside of a closet quite consistently.
Did I mention that I had a good time? A couple of guys asked, "are
you hooked?" "Yup" They grinned and shot me thumbs up.
I think this definitely counts as both "social" and "an activity".
Even if it didn't, I had a hell of a good time. I'll be back!
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Don Foreman
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Cool! I shoot IDPA every week, it's very similar. I found that "Springfield" Stainless Steel magazines are my flawless favorite and they are cheap! But, they're only 7 rounds. They are already drilled and tapped for pads that are available at "Midway USA", I think they are "Chip McCormick" pads. The pads prevent damage so you can let them hit the floor during reloads. Does your 1911 have a magazine well?
My first match with my 1911 I pulled the pistol from my Serpa holster and my pants fell around my ankles in front of a crowd. The timer guy told me that nobody would laugh at a guy with a drawn .45.
Keep shooting! I go through 1k/month and it actually shows! I didn't think I would ever get any better but slowly I see improvement. But, my blood lead levels are elevated and doc isn't worried but she told me to take more precautions while casting and handling lead and try and keep the range fans on. (it gets cold in the winter)
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Tom Gardner
Hehehe. Yeah, right. They might tone it down a bit, but seeing your pink silk "Spank Me!" panties would have been too much for them.
Don't tell me that you actually have a callus on your pristine lesbian body, Tawmmy. Really? Which finger, or thumb web? Pics, please!
Oh. I knew it was too good to be true.
Do you load all your own rounds?
-- In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer. -- Albert Camus
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Larry Jaques
Yep, I cast them all from wheel weights and a bit of linotype. It costs me more to shoot .22s than .44s. I'll cast 600-1.5k at a sitting. It goes fast with two twenty pound melters and all my molds are 6-cavity. I really like casting, it's very relaxing. I've gotten to the point of trusting my rounds over factory rounds...I know EXACTLY what they are going to do. And, I teach CCW classes and often lend out handguns for the shooting tests. New students do well with simple revolvers with light loads, especially girls. (girls shoot better than men almost every time)
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Tom Gardner

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