Phase II BXA compared to Aloris AXA with a question

I put the Phase II BXA post on my lathe, it is bigger and looks right for the
size of the
machine. All was hunky dory but then I noticed the two wedges that are driven
by the lead
screw, flop out away from the tool post when loosened. This could allow chips
to get into
the gap.
My Aloris AXA post maintains a chip free no gap condition surrounding the wedges.
Did I get a lemon or is this one of the trade offs for not buying Aloris?
Anyone have
problems with it?
Uncle was eyeing my old AXA for his 1887 lathe. Once I get things worked out,
I'll gift
it to him if it fits.
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That picture is him touching up a liner he made by turning down a octagon black
barrel to re-line a rifle he has. Notice the hillbilly steady rest. ;)
BTW, I have air conditioning in the machine room now. Very nice :)
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the size of the
driven by the lead
w chips to get into
=A0Anyone have
ed out, I'll gift
Is the gap of your BXA between the wedge and the Dovetail, the opposite side, or the top or bottom?
I have an AXA, which like yours has no gap to speak of. I do however have some play in the wedges.(The following is Don's response to this issue):
Me: "And there is still the issue of play. It's like the threads between the wedges and the threaded cylinder inside have a loose tolerance."
Don: "That is so they don't get jammed by chips working into the threads and the travel slides of the wedges. Too much precision makes things sensitive to dirt."
Darren Harris Staten Island, New York.
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