Pneumatic Pop rivet guns?

Im looking for a air powered pop rivet gun. Cap. up to 3/16"
Ive been browsing on ebay and see a bunch of them, from Textron/Cherry
to Harbor Freight. What are the differences, which ones are the ones I
should be looking for?
I occasionally have to fab something and pop rivets are handy and do the
job nicely, but Id like to have an air powered jobby after all these
years of squeezing the handles.
I know very very little about the various "guns" and need some
Anyone have a good quality pneumatic rivet gun they would like to trade
for Stuff?
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Gunner Asch
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Hey Gunner,
We used air pop rivet guns from Aircraft Spruce, and they were very good, but I can't find a listing in their on-line catalog now. Maybe just phone a local branch and ask?
formatting link
And of course the "new standard" supplier has them:
Take care.
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Brian Lawson
Mine looks like that 3/36 tool from harbor freight. I've used it for years. Works fine.
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I bought the cheapest air powered rivet gun I could find on Ebay. It worked great, straight out of the box, for pulling 3/16". Between jobs, I failed to realize that it was leaking hydraulic oil out of the gun during storage. It failed completely on one of the subsequent jobs. After, I figured out the gun was air over hydraulic, and the oil lying in the bottom of its storage box was essential to its operation. I refilled the gun with hydraulic oil and it worked just like new.
Get one, it is absolutely essential for saving one's wrists on the larger rivets. If the gun is one of the cheap Chinese ones, do not store it on its side allowing the hydraulic oil to leak out the seals.
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It all depends on what kind of rivets you are pulling. With Aluminum pop rivets any gun will work. If you start pulling solid center cherry max rivets you may have trouble with the jaws slipping with the cheaper guns.
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I've got the HF one, was like $20 at the time with the coupon and sale price. For that money it was worth it for the few times a year I need it. If you want to pull the fancier aircraft rivets or stainless steel ones, fork out the dough for a pedigree-d model.
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Stanley Schaefer
+1 on the HF model. I've been using one occasionally for a couple years. Only way to go. If I ran across a quality replacement, I'd buy it.
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