Question Regarding Welding of Dissimilar Materials

I need to weld two materials together but can not use glue or any type of
surface preparation.
We have Vinyl extrusion that needs to be welded to a Titanium form for use
in a medical application.
The company is building a small medical device that holds up people's arms
as they are exiting the medical facility because so many people stealing
small medical devices and supplies these days.
It is specifically designed for the doctors and nurses as the patients are
simply going to be charged for the items.
The area where the Vinyl and Titanium will be welded is approximately
15.045" long and 0.0004" wide. It has a 0.002mm ridge made of ceramic along
it's edge for scraping purposes and can only be accessed while in a
submerged salt water bath normally used for birthing.
Is there any possibility of using a 120v arc welder for this process?
My customer is anxious to start trials of this product this weekend.
...Happy April 1st everyone.
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It seems they have had problems in agriculture as well:
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Must be the first of April already.
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Roger Shoaf
Wow, I got some Easter eggs for you, though...
Vinyl to vinyl would be ultrasound, I'd guess. But that's not going to work on titanium.
I don't think the 120v has enough guts, better go with 220v 3 phase. Plenty of inert gas as well, once the vinyl starts to heat up, you might blow some strands off the extrusion.
Can the resulting weld extend past this area?
Joe AutoDrill wrote:
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Louis Ohland
If it wasn't April 1st, i'd call that Design Deficiency Anemia.
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Jim Wilkins
Explosive cladding...
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Pete C.
No you can't use it on detected thieves nor can you water board them to find out details of their criminal activites.
You may lock them up for 24 hrs and play disco records until they break though ;)
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"Don Foreman" wrote: (clip) with TIG one should be able to weld dogshit to window
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I've been wanting to do that for a long time, but didn't know how. What filler rod, and what flux?
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Leo Lichtman
This sounds like a job for TIG (tongue-in-glottis) welding. I've heard that with TIG one should be able to weld dogshit to window glass.
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Don Foreman
Umm, yeah, looks like April first, doesn't it? Weld plastic to titanium?
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Jon Elson
Jay never did tell me that part.
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Don Foreman
Easy to gas weld with my particular brand of GAS, just ask SWMBO Gerry :-)} London, Canada
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Gerald Miller
Market Place had a really nice spoof yesterday. It had me shaking my head till they gently reminded me just what day it was. See:
"IRS making sure your rebate gets spent"
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Leon Fisk
It could be don if the dimensions weren't so sloppy.
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