weight capacity for dodge minivan axles

Does anyone know the weight capacity for the spindles/hubs of the rear
of a dodge minivan. I am building a trailer. Are they equivalent to
the common 1750 lbs spindle/hubs made for utility trailers?
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Would it be fair to say the axle can take 1/2 of the vehicle GVWR on the door placard? That'd be easy info to find.
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I'd look at the sticker on the driver side door. I *think* gvwr is put there.
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More likely 2/3 or 3/4, assuming that the thing would get loaded more toward the rear. Certainly if you design for 1/2 you'd be safe.
I wouldn't count on them being equivalent to anything other than the rear axle in the same year and model of Dodge minivan -- Dodge isn't exactly buying them off the shelf, so you can just plan on it being custom-engineered for that vehicle.
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Tim Wescott
The number you want is "Gross Axle Weight Rating - Rear" on the vehicle data sticker in the door jamb. I'm not going to guess because it varies greatly between models and years.
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Bruce L. Bergman
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I don't know specifically, but I do know one will take 3x 588 mile trips up north with the van so loaded it was sitting solidly on the bump stops - all suspension movement gone. Bit of a rough ride..but not too bad, and the van ran another 50K miles after that.
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