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I have a few Bachmann wagons which I have been running around behind my new
Q1. One of the wagons has a non-concentric wheel so wobbles slightly as it
goes along, not enough to derail the wagon but it is noticeable.
Are Bachmann axles of a standard length, replaceable by something a little
more concentric, or will I have to get hold of replacement Bachmann
wheelsets, with the risk of these being wonky too?
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Bachmann wagon wheels are readily available ,usually in packs of 10, many of which I have bought and used in scratchbuilt projects- My experience is I've never seen one that doesn't run true. I suppose there's always one in these mass production days ... If I remember they're about £2.50 per 10 (various designs ,spokes,holes etc) get a pack and you should have no more problems.
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Can't fully agree with that, I'm afraid.
I've boufght packs of these and there always seems to be at least one dodgey one, if not more.
However, their price makes it well worht while buying them because alternatives will be 75p per axle.
Go for it.
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D A Smith
Having first tried the Gibson ones that came with some CooperCraft kits they've become my "wheel of choice" when re-wheeling. Tried some replacement Hornby ones earlier this year ... they're OK but not a patch on the Gibson ones ... don't know if that helps ...
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Chris Wilson

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