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Anyone here have a Ready Welder, what do you think of it. I am mostly interested in doing aluminum. Also can you run it of an AC buzz box, what about an AC-DC Buzz box? I am currently using a 170 amp Lincoln MIG for aluminum and it does a great job but the feeding issues are driving me crazy ( burn back and melt into the tip or tighten drive roller and risk birdsnests).

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The Ready Welder is a pretty good spool gun for the price. It's not industrial quality and I don't think it would last long in a rough commercial shop environment but then it costs half what a industrial quality spool gun does.

It won't work with a AC welder but should work ok with a AC/DC welder. However if you've got a 170 MIG then just hook it to that.

Wayne Cook Shamrock, TX

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Wayne Cook

I've got one but have only used it for flux cored steel wire ATM. It works fine so far but I've put less than one spool through it.

Mine is running off the DC output of a stick welder. I've got the welder set to 200A output to drive the spoolgun at 'realistic' feed rates. I can burn clean thru 5mm boiler tube at this setting if I'm not careful.

The std unit can't run off of a welder as the voltage is too high for the electronics. You need the model spec'ed for a DC welding plant; it comes with its own small box to feed the electronics. This is a clunky transformer and as I'm in Australia and use 240V, I shit-canned it and replaced it with a switching power supply instead. Works fine.

All in all I'm quite happy with the unit. I'd buy another one.


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Peter Wiley

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