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So many of you know so much ... thought I'd ask here. A young friend of mine has a BMW 320i, a direct-from-the-Fatherland vehicle, bought 2nd hand in Victoria, BC. The engine is fried, and has a broken camshaft! it's a 6 cylinder, series E21. Can anyone tell me of a drop-in replacement engine that would be suitable for this vehicle? Where should she look? Mike in Burns Lake, BC

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Hmmm, I am not that familliar with the E21 series, but a quick search shows that the E21 series came with two different 6 cylinder engines. The 320/6 came with a 2L carbuerated engine and the 323i came with a 2.3L fuel injected engine. I know that the 2.3L engine is an early m20 model and that the cylinder heads on the 2.3, 2.5, and 2.7 liter m20 engines are all compatable (they will bolt up, and the engine will run, but they are not really interchangable unless you swap a lot of other parts to correct the compression ratio and so on...). This leads me to believe that any of the m20 engines will drop in and bolt up. This would mean that potentially you could use an engine out of any e30 if you bring the wiring harness and ECU with it. If you used an m20b27 engine out of a 325e you would have about the same HP but a lower max RPM and probably more torque. If you used an m20b25 engine out of a 325i you would retain the same max RPM and end up with more torque and HP.

-- Joe, '87 325i

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I believe the 320 was an M60 engine

Michael, you might find out a lot more here

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