rockwell horizontal mill grease

I recently bought a rockwell horizontal mill.

The back gears for the spindle are totally enclosed in a very tall cavity. The manual says to use grease (7oz). It appears there is a drain plug on the back of the machine (above the motor) and a fill plug on the side of the machine which is probably about 1 inch from the bottom.

Based on my previous experience with rockwell machines, I suspect the recommended lub is no longer made. What kind of grease should I use and how to I purge the old grease.

As a side note. The back gears run ok, but there is some noise which is typically of backlash in gears. I have no idea if the amount of noise is typical or excessive.

Anyone out there with a rockwell horizontial that can provide some advice????


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Charles A. Sherwood
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I have a machine which has some noise in the gear train. Eventually I traced it to pitting on the faces of the gear teeth. Nothing I can do except replace the gears, so I adjust the backlash correctly, lube them correctly, and keep the old gal humming along. - GWE

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Grant Erwin

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